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Blackhawk Bus Analyzers and Programmers

Blackhawk bus analyzers and programmers are additional, quality tools available to the embedded developer. These products complement our JTAG debugging capabilties in more specialized areas of development whether you are currently debugging with a JTAG emulator or not. They designed for stand-alone use right out of the box.

Scribe I2C Bus Analyzer

The Blackhawk Scribe is an entry level, yet feature-packed and robust I2C debugging tool. The Scribe was designed to help engineers developing products which utilize the I²C and SMBus interfaces. Our solutions is easy to use — fast and simple.

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Gang2000 Programmer

The GANG2000 Programmer is a multi-tap device that can quickly and efficiently program multiple independent target boards that use the Texas Instruments C2000™ 32-bit Microcontrollers from a Windows® PC over a high-speed USB2.0 port. You can also use the Gang2000 during program development as a JTAG emulator.

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