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Adaptive Clocking (TCK) Adapter

The Blackhawk Adaptive Clocking Adapter for TI OMAP and ARM-based deivces (aka, The Jtag Adaptive Clocking Kit - JACK) is designed to allow JTAG emulators for TI DSPs to synchronize with the adaptive clocking cores of Texas Instruments OMAP™ devices providing data integrity and increased performance. The JACK is a cost effective way to preserve your current emulator investment and still debug the latest TI OMAP devices without sacrificing features or performance.


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Adaptive clocking is a feature of synthesizable cores, introduced by ARM® Ltd. and adopted by TI in their OMAP platform, wherein the input test clock (TCK) is delayed and synchronized with the core clock before producing the output clock (RTCK).

During this delay (synchronizing period) the target core samples Test Data In (TDI), Test Mode Select (TMS), and TCK with the core clock. This delay is variable and changes in real time, which can cause data corruption.

The Adaptive Clocking Adapter handles these changes in real time, maintains synchronization. It is a simple and easy solution that will allow you to return your emulator's TCK rate back to its maximum frequency providing you with data integrity and increased performance.


  • Automatic - no jumpers, just plug it in
  • Fast LVC logic for maximum TCK rates
  • Supports XDS510 and XDS560 emulators
  • Compact PCB - less than a square inch!
  • Standard 0.100" keyed 14-pin connector
  • Right angle option included
  • TRST/TCK_RET fix for XDS510 emulators


  • Faster Downloads
    Run at the fastest TCK rate possible
  • Better Data Integrity
    Improves signal quality and data synchronization
  • Portable
    Use with any target board or emulator
  • Cost effective
    Preserves current emulator hardware investments
  • Backwards Compatible
    Supports old and new emulators and devices

In the Box

  • Adaptive Clocking Adapter (PCB)
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Right Angle Connector
  • Product Warranty Terms and Conditions

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Product: Blackhawk™ JTAG Adaptive Clocking Kit for OMAP™
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Current Revision: 1.1