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Blackhawk Software Applications and Utilities

The following page contains a list of all the available emulation-related software applications and utilities available from Blackhawk. This software varies from basic command line utilities to applications that extend the emulator's use in the field or the lab.


Flash Solutions

Blackhawk offers a variety of flash solutions that allow you to program your embedded design using TI devices with on-chip and off-chip flash.

You will find BhFlashBurn from Blackhawk as well as other applications from Texas Instruments and Software Design Solutions.

View the Available Flash Solutions

Blackhawk BhFlashBurn Software

BhFlashBurn Dialog

Program Loaders

The ability to load a program outside the debug environment has always been a customer requirement. A program loader is usefull for automated testing, board verification, and device programming. It can also be used over a product's entire life cycle from developement to production test and then for return and repair.

Compatibility for the loader to be used in a scripting environment has always been popular. This gives the user more control and flexibility especially in an operator type envorinment where complex tests can be easily run.

View the Available Program Loaders

bhloader <options> <coff-file>.out [<target-args>]

Valid options:
-d <dvr> -- GTI driver file-name (required)
-f <dat> -- Board data file-name (required)
-p <port> -- Emulator port number
-n <tgt> -- Target CPU name or index (default 0)
-v -- Verify data after loading
-z -- Zero-fill BSS sections
-r -- Reset CPU
-c <a>[:p][=<v>] -- Configure register
-i[r] -- CIO support (wait for completion)
-s <cof> -- Load symbols from another file
-q[-] -- Quiet mode, "-" will enable all prints"

BHLoader Usage

JTAG Boundary Scan

Blackhawk has teamed with Corelis, an EWA company, to offer customer Intuitive and High Performance JTAG Boundary Scan Tools that are compatible with our JTAG emulator product line. This allows developers not only to debug code on TI devices but also leverage boundary scan testing using the same emulator hardware.

Corelis offers a complete product line of JTAG (boundary-scan, IEEE 1149.1) circuit board testing tools called ScanExpress, for interconnect testing and JTAG in-system programming.

See More Details on How JTAG Boundary Scan Can Help You

Blackhawk Boundary Scan

Boundary Scan Logic


Test Connection & BHProbe

Test Connection - this feature was first introduced in Code Composer Studio v5. TI added a test connection button to the target configration dialog box. See image(s) to the right. If you are running CCS v5 or later (Windows or Linux), you can use this feature to verify emulator operation with the PC and target board.

BHProbe - is a Blackhawk utility available for earlier versions of CCS. This command line utility runs seprately from CCS to reset the emulator and test the connection to the target by performing a basic set of JTAG scan commands.

For Code Composer Studio v3.3 and earlier, you can find the BHProbe utility in folder:
<CCS Folder>\Blackhawk\Utility\BHProbe.n (where n=1 or n=2)

For Code Composer Studio v4.x, you can find the BHProbe utility in folder:
<CCS Folder>\ccsv4\emulation\Blackhawk\Utility\BHProbe.2

CCS Test Connection

CCS Test Connection


Blackhawk offers a check utility for proper emulation driver installation for Code Composer Studio v3.3. This utility verify that the Blackhawk emulation drivers match the CCS v3.3 service release level installed. The dialog to the right shows a sample output of the utility.

CCS v3.3 had three major emulation updates over its life span. The first emulation update covered the base RTM (CD) and service release 1 (SR1). The second update included SR2 through SR11. And the third was released in SR12. Blackhawk has emulation updates to match each version of these TI emulation updates.

BHCheck33 will first locate your CCS v3.3 installation. After finding a valid CCS v3.3 installation, BHCheck33 will dermine the TI emulation software revision (i.e. USCIF version). The TI emulation software revision will then be compared to the Blackhawk emulation drivers installed. The comparison will then indicate any actions needed.

Blackhawk BHCheck33 Utility

BhCheck33 Dialog

BHCheck33 Downloads

Description Date Version File Size Download
BHCheck33 April 2009 v2.0.0.0 298KB Download



Blackhawk offers a standalone tool for Windows that verifies Code Composer Studio installations for problems and missing files.

BHDetect does a read-oonly scan of the system to locate installations of Code Composer Studio and reports status of various files, version numbers and device drivers. This is used as an aid for Blackhawk support when trying to assist customer having issues running CCS and connecting to their target board.

Blackhawk BHDetect Utility

BhDetect Dialog

BHDetect Downloads

Description Date Version File Size Download
BHDetect October 2010 v1.0.0.11 443KB Download



The Blackhawk XDS560v2 Mezzanine utility (BH560v2MezzCfg) allows users debugging more than one target board with XDS560v2 mezzanine emulators using Code Composer Studio.

BH560v2MezzCfg is a Windows® command line utility that allows users to change the default serial number of an XDS560v2 mezzanine card. This is helpful in certain situations when you are having problems debugging multiple target boards using XDS560v2 Mezzanine cards.

Instructions on using the utility are displayed during use. Just run the command in a command prompt window and follow the prompts. Blackhawk does not recomend running this utility if you are only connecting one XDS560v2 mezzanine card to the computer at a time.

BH560v2MezzCfg Downloads

Description Date Version File Size Download
BH560v2MezzCfg July 2012 v1.0.0.1 1.58MB Download