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Blackhawk Services

Blackhawk offers a variety of engineering services and consulting for hardware and software development. We understand how technical risk and time to market pressures can place unreasonable demands on designers, which is why we are dedicated to helping you be successful.

  • Hardware Designs
  • Embedded Emulation
  • Software Development
  • Consulting

Hardware Design Services

Blackhawk offers a variety of engineering services and consulting for hardware design and development. Whether you are looking for a simple design concept, adding features to a current design, or need a complete design package (schematics, bill of materials, design documentation, and PCB layout files) we can help. Some of our areas of expertise include, but are not limited to:

  • DSP Integration
  • DSK Daughter Cards add-ons
  • Evaluation Module (EVM) Design
  • Prototype design
  • Programmable Logic design
  • Board layout
  • Pin Converter Design

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Software Development Services

Blackhawk's expertise in the development of sophisticated embedded DSP development tools provides substantial advantages to end-users and oem's. Our experienced pool of developers stand ready to assist you in designing and implementing customized software solutions for virtually all embedded DSP applications.

Taking into account the steep learning curve and start-up costs required to bring your development staff into the proper level required to complete a project, can often determine it's feasibility. Let us assist you from the onset of your development cycle by offering outsourcing solutions based on your individual needs.

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Embedded Emulation Solutions

Blackhawk has extensive experience in emulation design and can help you with any emulation requirement. We can taylor a solution based on cost, form factor, host interface and performance to meet your needs.

We have provided various XDS510, XDS560 and XDS560v2 solutions for Texas Instruments as well as TI design house partners. You may have seen some of these emulation solutions offered on TI telecom infrastructure boards such as the C6457/TCI648x Tomahawk or C66x KeyStone boards.

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At Blackhawk, we understand the unique hurdles that technical risk, time to market pressure, and the rapid advance of technology place on designers trying to incorporate DSP into their products.

Whether you need guidance, hardware design, software development or a complete turnkey solution, we are dedicated to helping you succeed.