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JTAG Emulation Driver Downloads

Code Composer studio v3.3

Before you download...

Do you have everything to support that device or target board?


Quick Install Checklist

The following is a general checklist for CCStudio v3.3 that highlights the most common installation and setup issues, especially for new devices and the number of service releases that have been posted for v3.3 of CCStudio. Following these quick tips in our checklist can help avoid confusion and reduce the chance of errors when connecting to your target board.

  1. CCStudio Updates

    Do you have CCStudio support for your device and target board from TI?

    Update CCStudio v3.3 to the latest service release. Support for certain devices require CCStudio to be updated to the correct level. As of Apr 8th, 2009, SR12 is available.

  2. Target Board Content

    Did you install the target board specific files?

    DSK/EVM specific files, such as GEL files used in CCSetup are not always provided by TI in the CCStudio updates and are not supplied by the emulator vendor. They are provided by the board manufacturer. These files also need to be installed and usually accompany the DSK/EVM on CD, labeled something like "EVM target content".

  3. Latest Emulation Drivers (below on this page)

    Did you update emulator drivers that match #1 above?

    After you have installed the latest CCStudio updates to support your device or target board, you need to install the corresponding Blackhawk drivers that match the revision of files installed by CCStudio.

    Each driver is identified and labeled by corresponding CCStudio service release (SR), however it is not always easy to identify through CCStudio, which SR has been installed.  For this, we also include the USCIF version.  You can then compare this version to the one our Blackhawk Detection and System Analysis Tool finds for you.

  4. Gel Files

    Does your target board CCSetup require GEL files not included by TI?

    If the GEL files for your device or target board do not exist as part of the TI CCStudio updates (i.e. provide by TI), then they are usually provided by the board manufacturer (see #2 above).

    This is important because they are not supplied by the emulator vendor or included with predefined imports. You must add them manually. This is especially important for multi-core devices that include ARM CPU (i.e. DM6446, DM365, DM6467, etc.).

A Word on Predefined & Factory Imports

If you do not see a predefined CCSetup import for the DSP the device, DSK, EVM, etc. that you are using, please contact Blackhawk support. We add predefined imports every week for new releases and it very rarely requires any driver updates from us. We can simply email the files.

CCStudio v3.3 Driver Downloads

The drivers posted here for download are compatible with all Blackhawk JTAG Emulators.

Each download contains all the files needed for operation. You only have to download and install the package that matches your system.

Microsoft Windows device driver support is provide for: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10 and 2003 Server (32-bit) and Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 (64-bit) versions**(See 64-bit exception note below).

Use the Blackhawk Detection and System Analysis Tool if you are not sure which download applies to your system.

If you do not know what CCStudio v3.3 service release you have installed, just download and run our BHCheck33 utility. This is a simple, read-only utility that will check what is installed on your system.

Code Composer Version Description Links


The Blackhawk USB 2.0 and USB-JTAG Emulator models do not have 64-bit driver support. If you updated to a 64-bit version of Windows, you will need to update to the USB510L or USB2000 or newer models.

v3.3 with SR12

Driver Release v3.3.300.8, 06 MAR 2013

CCStudio v3.3 Driver files with USCIF v35.34.0.2 support

This driver will install Blackhawk emulator files for CCStudio v3.3 with SR12 applied. This update replaces all other CCS v3.3 driver releases. No other patches are needed.

Also included in this update:

  • Updated CCS files, documentation and device drivers to support USB510W (wireless) emulator.



26.0 MB

v3.3 with SR2-SR11

Driver Release v3.3.200.4, 06 FEB 2008

CCStudio v3.3 Driver files with USCIF v35.24.0.3 support

This driver will install Blackhawk emulator files for CCStudio v3.3 with SR2-SR11 applied. This update replaces all other CCS v3.3 driver releases. No other patches are needed.

This package includes updated Windows Device Drivers for the LAN560 have also been updated for Windows Vista that fix a time-out issue when the emulator is not found on the network.

Also included in this update are new imports for targets such as: BeagleBoard (OMAP3530), C2000 F2802x Piccolo, OMAP35xx, DM6467, DM355, W3G, H3G, F2833x, F2823x, LoCosto, TNET48xx, Cortex M3, R4, C6474, C674x, and OMAP L137.



20.4 MB


Driver Release v3.3.100.0, 28 SEP 2007

CCStudio v3.3 RTM Files with USCIF v35.23.10.x support

These files are the base XDS560 emulation drivers for CCS v3.3.

If you have already installed CCS v3.3 Service Release 2 or later, you do not need to install this file. Install our SR updates (above).


14.2 MB


9.09 MB

C2000 v3.3 with CLA Support

CLA Driver Release v3.3.0.1, 07 JUL 2009

CCStudio v3.3 CLA Driver files with USCIF v35.34.0.2 support

This release will install Blackhawk emulator files for C2000 CCStudio v3.3 with CLA support. This is a minimum, but complete installer. No other Blackhawk driver installations are necessary. The previous CLA SR12 patch file that was posted has been updated to support TI recommendations of installing the CLA update into its own, separate area and folder.

If you have two CCStudio v3.3 installations on your system (the CLA version being the second install), please select the root CLA CCStudio folder for installation of this release if prompted.

This package includes updated Blackhawk imports and DVR files for F28033/5 devices with CLA support.



3.05 MB