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Repair Process

EWA Technologies/Blackhawk provides a repair procedure for defective or non-working products for all covered problems. We do ask that you review our online support center, which includes common troubleshooting information, before entering into the repair process. If you feel that you have exhausted all available support resources, you can follow our repair procedure.

Warranty Repairs

Warranty repair for all covered problems is provided without cost (except shipping, duties or taxes) to the original purchaser. The product returned may be either repaired or replaced at our discretion, and if possible, using the same model. If the unit is a replacement, the replaced product will at a minimum perform the same as the original and will carry the balance of the unused warranty period. A covered problem exists when the criteria outlined in the product warranty is met.

Please Note: If, after receipt of product and inspection, we determine that the problem or failure was caused due to abnormal usage or environmental conditions and not because of manufacturing defects, then the product will be subject to the repair costs as described in the secion on “Out of Warranty Repairs”. You can find standard warranty information, including limitations, here.

Out-of-Warranty Repairs

All out of warranty repair charges are calculated based on time and materials costs. These charges will range from a minimum cost for minor repairs and diagnosis to a maximum cost for major repair or replacement. In some cases a product is deemed “non-repairable” when, in our estimation, the costs for time and materials exceed the cost of a newly manufactured product.

Repair Procedure

The repair process is designed to help identify an issue with a product and minimize the repair time. In some cases, returning the product may not be necessary. You are required to:

  1. Troubleshooting Information
    Refer to our troubleshooting support page to help deterimine the problem - it may be that your issue has been previously solved. We provide this resource to help identify the area of failure and use it to determine the best course of action to resolve the issue. In some cases it may not require returning the product. Support will ask for information from troubleshooting, such as error messages or test connection output, prior to issuing an RMA.
  2. Product Warranty Period
    Refer to the warranty period specific to your product, which was included with the product when originally shipped, and compare those terms with the date of purchase. If you can not locate the original warranty card, you can find warranty information is located here. Support will ask for date of purchase.
  3. Who to Contact
    If you purchased the product from our online store, Texas Instruments or a distributor (i.e. Digi-Key, Mouser, Arrow, Avnet, etc.), please contact Blackhawk directly. For the fastest service, submit an online support request. You can also email our support team.

    If you purchased the product from an authorized international reseller, please contact them first. Reseller contact are listed here.
  4. Return Material Authorization (RMA)
    In order to return a product for repair, you must acquire and RMA number. If dealing with an internatinal reseller, they will handle the RMA. All others will obtain an RMA from Blackhawk support. Only those products listed at this link can be returned and serviced by Blackhawk. If your product is not shown in this list, contact the manufacturer or reseller of that product.

    Please Note: If little to no information is provided about the issue (i.e. troubleshooting details) support will ask for more information. Support will provide troubleshooting steps to perform and information needed in return. Failure to perform these tests or supply requested information will delay the issuing of an RMA.
  5. What to Return
    Unless instructed otherwise by Blackhawk support, include all of the items originally shipped with the product as well as the original box if available. This includes all cables, power supplies and adapters. Failure to do so may affect our ability to determine the issue or lengthen the time to repair the product.
  6. Where to Ship
    Upon receiving an RMA, instructions for returning the product will be also be included. These instructions include details for domestic an international repairs.
  7. What's Next
    Once the product is received, a support engineer will inspect the product and perform an initial diagnosis. Depending on the nature of the failure we will typically notify the customer of our findings within 24-48 hours after we receive the product.


The following table outlines typical charges for non-warranty repairs of all products currently in production. Please contact Blackhawk for up to date information on your product model.

Please Note: The following charges are estimates only. Final charges may be higher and cannot be determined until a detailed inspection is performed. Blackhawk will communicate this cost prior to making any repairs.

Service/Product Minimum Charge

Prices are subject to change. All costs are in USD.

Blackhawk will advise the customer about any charges beyond the initial diagnosis charge.

Basic Diagnosis Fee $250
Blackhawk USB200 JTAG Emulator (BH-USB-200) $150
Blackhawk USB100v2 JTAG Emulator (BH-USB-100v2 Model D/ARM) $100
Blackhawk PCI560 JTAG Emulator (BH-PCI-560) $530
Blackhawk USB560m JTAG Emulator (BH-USB-560m) $550
Blackhawk LAN560 JTAG Emulator (BH-LAN-560) $750
Blackhawk USB510L JTAG Emulator (BH-USB-510L) $350
Blackhawk USB510W JTAG Emulator (BH-USB-510W) $550
Blackhawk XDS560v2 STM Emulator (BH-XDS-560v2-BP/PoE) $575
Blackhawk USB560v2 STM Emulator (BH-USB-560v2) $475