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Warranty Information

EWA Technologies/Blackhawk is committed to providing the highest quality products. All of our products are warranted and a detailed warranty sheet is included with all products sold in either printed form, on our web site or in electronic format on DVD/CD media. Please refer to this document included with your product for specific warranty periods and terms.

If you can not locate the document that originally shipped with the product, you can view our online versions here.

Exclusions and Limitations

In general, the warranty provides coverage for defects in workmanship or materials for the period noted on the warranty document. To be considered under warranty, all of the following conditions must be met.

  • The product must be within the warranty period.
  • The product was used according to the accepted environmental guidelines.
  • The failure must not be due to any software or hardware not manufactured by us.
  • The minimum system requirements for use are met.
  • The cause of failure must not have come from or been caused by the following:
    • Modification or alternation of the product
    • Accident
    • Misuse or neglect
    • Unauthorized component replacement or repair
    • Improper Connections or installation
    • Excessive force on cables or connectors

Blackhawk reserves the right to repair or replace the product if the item qualifies for warranty repair.

Is my product still under warranty?

To request the warranty status of any Blackhawk product, please contact us and provide the product model number, serial number and the name of the reseller or distributor that you purchased the product. You can contact us via phone, fax, email or through an Online Support Request.

Obtaining Warranty Service

Please access and review our online support center, which includes common troubleshooting information, before requesting warranty service.

If your product is still not functioning properly after making use of these support resources, please refer to our repair process on how to receive a valid return material authorization (RMA).

Please Note: Warranty service options may be limited based on your country of origin or point of purchase and Blackhawk may direct warranty service to authorized distributors, resellers or third party providers.

End of Life Policy (EOL)

Products can reach their end of life due to various reasons. The Blackhawk End of Life policy can be viewed here.